Car and Safety

Visiting cars with minor rule infractions may be allowed to compete provided the car does not compromise safety or create a hazard.  If the car returns, it must comply with complete class specifications

Driver will adhere to a 5 mph speed limit in the pits or forfeit purse and possible season points.  Second offense can mean being barred from the track.

Car numbers will be on both sides and top of all cars.  Each digit will be 18” tall, 9” wide and 2” body.  Numbers should consist of two (2) numerical digits.  Infractions of number rule shall disqualify anyone from protesting scoring or position change.  Numbers shall be placed on rear and front of car for line up purposes, 3” tall minimum. 

Black or dark colored cars allowed if numbers and letting make car visible.  All numbers should stand out very brightly or track will require you to outline or repaint numbers.  If your numbers cannot be read, you cannot protest scoring. 

Drive shaft shall be painted white and have a loop made of 1/8” X 1” steel at the front of the shaft.

Fire extinguishers mandatory in all classes.   Must be mounted within easy reach of the strapped-in driver.  A quick release bracket is mandatory.  NO TAPE ALLOWED!

Snell 90 approved or better helmet required, quick release 4 point seat belt and harness will be bolted, welded or chained to the frame or roll cage.  No push button release type seat belts allowed.  Drivers suits:  no car in any class will be allowed on the track without the driver wearing a safety approved fire suit, gloves and shoes made of fire resistant material that adequately protects the driver.  Neck brace required.  Window net or arm restraints required.  Functional padded headrest in line with center of driver’s head is a mandatory. 

Tow hooks or loops on both front and rear bumpers required for quick hook up by wreckers.  Type optional but must have tow hooks or loops on front and rear.  Wrecker drivers will not be held responsible for damage to your car if you do not have proper hooks or loops. 

Absolutely no hand brakes.  Foot operated brakes required in good working order.  No hand clutches.  Must have foot clutch if equipped with one.

Toe strap on accelerator pedal required.  All cars will have 2 return springs on throttle linkage.

Battery must be covered with a marine type plastic enclosure or better if in driver’s compartment and well secured.

Fuel cells will be securely mounted and fully shielded from the driver’s compartment.  The fuel cell will be located in a position that will protect it from damage in the event of an accident or upset.  NO stock tanks or thin wall tanks.  Fuel lines will not pass through the driver’s compartment unless fully enclosed in metal conduit and sealed on both ends.

Fiberglass, steel or aluminum racing seats required.

Shock resistant roll bar padding on all bars that driver’s head may come in contact with while strapped in required.  Padding required around arm and leg areas also. 

Functional padded headrest in line with center of driver’s head is mandatory.

No rear view mirrors.  NO radio transceivers or onboard communications.

NO nitrous oxide or nitro-methane allowed in any class.  Fuel must check within 2 points of track fuel.  I.e. If track fuel weighs 790, your fuel must weigh 788 to 792.

Technical Director may require additional bracing, bars, and / or padding be added to any car.

Mufflers are required in all classes.  Track may require additional sound suppression at their discretion, subject to DB meter.  Mufflers required on modifieds.

It is required that the ignition lock switch be removed in all cars and a single kill switch be installed and clearly marked, within easy reach of a strapped in driver and easily reached from the outside of the car.  This must be mounted on the left hand side of the steering wheel on dashboard.

Sharp metal inside and outside of car will be removed.

Nerf bar required from behind rear tire to the corner of bumper (to prevent cars from getting locked together).  May be on inside or outside of body.

3 windshield bars required on all classes.

Breathalyzer may be required at any time on any driver.  1st refusal or testing positive will result in disqualification, loss of points and money for that night, and $250 fine.  2nd refusal or testing positive will result in disqualification, loss of money for night, all points for season and not being allowed to drive any car for the remainder of the season and $500 fine.

Track may require Breathalyzer test at any time, no protest fee required.  Any driver may protest another driver in the same class by posting a $50 protest fee and taking Breathalyzer test first.  If protested driver passes test, he receives money.  If both drivers fail test money goes to the track.

Sprint car, Limited Late Model, IMCA Modified and I-Stock drivers may not drive in the Hobby Stock class.

Drivers driving for points in any class may not drive a Saturday night Pure Stock/Cruiser car but they may ride as passengers.