General Regulations

  Each driver is responsible for keeping his or her immediate pit area clean.  Failure to keep immediate pit area clean will result in a fine and/or suspension.              

  Drinking of intoxicating beverage by a driver or his/her crew on the racing premises in advance of, or while competing in any program is strictly forbidden. Any persons who show evidence of having partaken of alcoholic beverage will be required to leave the premises immediately and may be subject to a fine of not less than $250. Use of illegal drugs at any time shall be cause for immediate, indefinite suspension and/or fine of not less than $250.

  No driver or crew member may enter the racing area until he/she has signed all releases, registrations and/or entry forms.

  In presenting themselves in the pits, everyone must be aware of their responsibility to the sport for their dress and actions.

  No person will be allowed to sign the release and waiver sheets for anyone other than them self.  Violation is a minimum $25 fine.

  No competitors will be allowed to participate in events until they have registered their car with Abilene Speedway and made application for I.M.C.A. license if competing in an IMCA Sanctioned class.

  No driver changes will be made at any time without previous notification of officials.  All changes must be made in the pits only, at the discretion of officials.

  The driver is qualified and receives points, not the car.  Any driver wishing to change cars must be qualified to compete in the race for which he/she is changing cars, and must start that race at the rear of the field.  Once a driver has changed to another car, he/she must finish the program in that car.

  The driver shall be the person responsible for the actions of the entire pit crew.

  The driver shall be the sole spokesman for car owner and pit crew in any and all matters pertaining to the race and the driver only shall take part in any arbitration with the officials in charge.

  No person shall subject any official to abuse or improper language at any time.

  No driver, car owner, or mechanic shall have claim for damages, expenses or otherwise against promoter, track owner, Abilene Speedway or any of its officials, by reason of disqualification or damage to either car or driver or both; and car owner, driver and mechanics agree that the track is in safe condition if they take part in racing activities.

  Abilene Speedway and track owner-promoter reserve the right to subject any car to an inspection at any time.  They further reserve the right to disqualify any member from competition or any car from competition.

  It shall be the responsibility of the driver and crew to tear down a car for inspection when requested to do so by officials.  Failure to comply will result in disqualification and forfeiture of prize money and points.

  Any car taken from the racing premises without first clearing with the official in charge will subject car and driver to disqualification and forfeiture of prize money and points.

  No participant will take part or participate in any action or activity considered detrimental to Abilene Speedway racing.

  No participant shall participate in fights in the pits or on the racing premises at any time.

  Participants agree to abide by the official decisions.

  Abilene Speedway reserves the right to have all cars use the same fuel or fuel mix.

  All drivers, car owners and mechanics assume full responsibility for any and all injuries sustained including death and property damage, at any time they are on the racing premises, en route thereto or therefrom.

  All disputes developing as a result of local track rules must be settled at the track.

  IMPORTANT: Abilene Speedway participants are not employees of Abilene Speedway but are independent contractors and assume all responsibility for all charges, premiums and taxes, if any, payable on any funds they may receive as a result of their participation in any events as drivers from Abilene Speedway.

  Four wheelers, golf carts, and other pit vehicles may not be operated by anyone under 16 years of age.  Proof of liability insurance will be required before any four wheelers, golf carts, or other pit vehicles may be operated on Abilene Speedway premises.  Maximum 5 MPH speed limit for all vehicles in Abilene Speedway pits. 

  Every driver is responsible for his starting position in each race.  Pit steward will not individually notify drivers.  Your line up will be posted.  It is your responsibility to be in the staging area lined up.  Races will be run promptly.  Get lined up or you will miss your race.

  Abilene Speedway reserves the right to use photographs of any car or driver for promotional consideration or concession.

  Anyone carrying lug wrenches, jack handles or club like objects who are not in the immediate are of their car are subject to permanent barring.  In the event of disputes, anyone who is not in their carís pit area will be considered at fault regardless.  Stay in your pit area!

  A race program is held incomplete unless all scheduled heat races have been completed.  In the even of a rain out, no refunds will be given.  Tickets will be good for next scheduled race.  If you cannot attend next scheduled race, mail ticket stub for rain out to Abilene Speedway, 4450 Ridgemont Dr., Apt# 412, Abilene, TX  79606.  Tickets will be exchanged for pass good for any night during the season.  Tickets must be received by Thursday following rain out to receive exchange. 

  All events not completed will be scheduled for the next race meet and will precede the regular show with qualified cars only.  Those races will be restarted as they were lined up on the completion of the last green flag prior to the red flag display.

  Driver will not unstrap and get out of the car during races on track unless there is a fire, major red flag, medical emergency, or unless the car is unable to continue the race.  If driver gets out of his car on the racetrack during any other condition, he will be black flagged for that race. 

  Any driver, owner, pit crew person or family relation of any car who delays any race or race activity may bring disqualification for that car and crew. 

  Pit meeting starts 1 hour before races start and all drivers are required to attend.  All cars not at track and signed in by this time will start heat race from rear. Questionable weather days with a threat of rain out, out-of-town cars may call and have until 30 minutes before race start.  This is for bad weather days only.

  Mud laps are responsibility of each driver and car.  Mud laps start at the call of the pit steward and are over when your car is motioned off the track by the official.  Failure to mud lap or insufficient number of laps mean you start at the rear of your heat for that night.  Everyone in class must stay on track until they are waived off the track.  If you have a problem, pull to the top of turn 1 & 2.  The better the mud laps, the better the races.  Do your share or you will start at the back.  If we have a reoccurring problem with someone not mud lapping, they will start all races from the rear.

  If track is packed in and ready hot laps will be allowed prior to races.  Hot laps are by class, in the order that races are run.  If the track is not packed in, there will be no hot laps. 

  If a driver is barred for bad conduct, his car is also barred for the same period of time. 

  Restricted Areas- Insurance does not permit participants in restricted areas.  Stay behind secondary fences or you will get your car black-flagged.  Do not go to back flagman in turn 3.  Do not go to flagman or wreckers in turn 2.  Do not go by fire truck on back straightway. 

  Participants and spectators:  As of 12:15 a.m. Saturday (Friday night race), and 1:15 a.m. Sunday (Saturday night race), you may be ticketed and fined by the TABC for possession of (opened) alcoholic beverages.