Texas Jr. Mini Stock


 DRIVER REQUIREMENTS:  Age minimum has been raised to 13 years of age due to insurance demands.  Maximum age level is 15 years.  Drivers must be  able to operate all safety equipment and be able to start car, shift gears and complete test for officials.   Prior to  racing, a mandatory orientation must be attended by driver and parents.  Notarized release forms  must be completed before being allowed to race.  (NOTE: If a driver begins a racing season at 15 years and turns 16 years during the season, they will be allowed to finish the season.)


NOTICE:  All components are subject to inspection and approval of Track Officials.  No equipment will be considered as having been approved by reason of having passed through inspection unobserved.  IF IT DOESN’T SAY YOU CAN…DON’T!!


a.  Two or four door sedan body with steel top.  Station wagons are o.k.  Production
wheelbase limited to 102".  (4/13/13 upd. MAXIMUM 102").  No modifications to wheelbase.  No front wheel drive.
b. Cars must have
complete frame. Cutting allowed over rear axle to mount rear shocks but must be reinforced.
c. Cars must have complete
firewall separating driver from engine and also separating trunk area from driver's compartment.
d. All glass, chrome, and trim must be removed.
e. All flammable materials must be removed.
f. Fenders may be cut
for tire clearance but must maintain a stock configuration.
g. All cars must have a minimum of two (2) hood pins or bolts to keep hood closed.
h. Back of hoods must be completely sealed off and must stay that way while car is in motion.
i. No angle or channel iron outside of car.
j. Plastic nosepieces and tailpieces are allowed. Sheet metal or plastic skirting is o.k.
k. No aluminum bodies! No Mini Mods or Dwarf car type bodies.  Must be OEM production body.
l. Removable inspection panel required on driver dash area.
l. Minimum weight after race with driver is 2300 lbs. (will be checked at tracks with scales).
m. Should be painted and lettered in good taste

a.  All cars must have a minimum six (6) point roll cage. All cages should be at least 1-1/4" outside diameter x .095 wall steel tubing. ( no welded corners ) Roll cage around driver must have padding.
b. Drivers head must be at least 2" below top of cage.
c. All cars must have at least three (3) door bars on driver side, two (2) bars on grandstand side. Door bars must be a minimum 1-1/4" x .095 wall steel tubing. Door bars must be sufficiently gusseted and tied to the car at the bottom.
d. Any bracing inside of car is legal except under the fenders.
e. Seat must be mounted to the roll cage and be on the left side of the car.
f. No tube frame car
g. Minimum 3 front window bars in front of driver.

a. Front bumpers must be centered on frame rails and in its original location.
b. Front bumpers may be 1-1/2" o.d., no more than 8" overall in height from top to bottom.
c. Front bumpers must not extend more than 2" in front of any body part and be no wider than center of tire. Ends must bend back into the frame and be welded. No blunt or sharp edges and no channel iron.
d. May have two (2) radiator protection bars in front of radiator and behind bumper within the confines of body.
e. Rear bumper may wrap around rear quarter panel and must tie into frame behind rear tire.
f. Rear bumper may be 1-1/2" o.d. pipe or tubing no taller than 12".
g. Stock bumpers are allowed.

a. Nerf bars must be flush with body. No blunt or sharp edges.
b. Nerf bars must be 1" x 2" rectangle or 1" square only.
c. Nerf bars are only allowed between wheels.

a. In line four cylinder (carburetor type only) with a maximum displacement of 2399cc. Only exclusion is Chevy. Call for info.
b. Engine must be in stock location.
c. No rotary engines or turbos.
d. No dual overhead cams.
e. Engine must use stock block, and head. Steel valves only.
f. Must use stock intake.  May be machined to receive carburetor only.
g. Milling of head to increase compression allowed. No porting, polishing or port matching allowed. NO GRINDING INSIDE OF PORTS. Straight boring allowed for large valves.  Cannot go past short side radius. Bore cannot be polished.
h. Carburetor must be un-altered Holley #4412 or 5200 series with a stock venture bore, stock throttle body, and stock booster location.  May run stock OEM carburetor not to exceed 500    cfm.  No Weber or Mikuni carburetors.
i. Battery type ignition only. No magnetos, dual points, MSD boxes.
j. Any solid surface cam, valve springs, rockers, and lifters are allowed. NO ROLLER CAM/Rockers. Adjustable Cam gears ok
k. Stock exhaust or racing headers are allowed. Mufflers may be required depending on track rule.
l.  Exhaust should exit under car.
m. Engine Blocks and Heads must have factory numbers.
n. No Strokers. 5-7 Rods allowed
o. Must have stock O.E.M. UNALTERED crankshaft. (example; 2.3 Ford - 2.3 Crank, unaltered)
p. 1" Sight plug in the side of the oil pan with a clear line of sight to the crankshaft and rods.
q. Starter - Must be able to start under own power.    

r. If electric fuel pump is used, an automatic oil pressure cut off switch is required.

a. Standard or automatic transmissions are allowed. Automatic transmissions must use OEM torque converter.
b. Transmissions must have at least two (2) forward gears and one (1) reverse.
c. Rear end must be locked.
d. Drive shafts may be altered or welded and should be painted white.
e. No dog clutches or multi-disc clutches. No couplers. No Mini clutch. Clutch MUST match make of car!
f. No Aluminum flywheels allowed, MUST USE STEEL FLYWHEEL.

a. Front and rear suspension must be stock type, but may be re-enforced. No welding springs solid. No wooden blocks in springs. No type of adjustable front suspension parts.
b. One shock per wheel.
c. No weight jacks allowed. If weight jacks exist they must be disabled.
d. Added weight must be secured
e. No adjustable shackles on rear

a.  8" max steel wheels only. Rim centers must be completely welded and may be reinforced.
b. Racing studs and lug nuts are recommended
c. D.O.T. Street tires ONLY - NO RACING TIRES
d. No bead locks
e. No grooving of tires.
f. Right rear mud plug allowed
g. No bleeder valves

a. Only one (1) radiator is allowed and must be centered in front of car.

a.  One (1) 12 volt automotive battery allowed per car.
b. The battery must be mounted to frame or cage.

a. Racing Gas allowed. No additives.
b. Racing fuel cell is required.
c. Fuel cell must be mounted to frame, or bolted to cell frame.
d. Fuel cell must be vented and have Flapper Valve, if no fire suppression system on board.
e. Fuel cell should be 12" from either side of car and 12" from the rear of the car body.
f. Floor in trunk must have holes drilled in it to allow spilled fuel to drain.

a. All cars must have a minimum of three (3) working rear brakes. Four wheel brakes are recommended.
b. Adjustable brake control cannot be in driver reach.

a. Snell-rated SA95, SA2000 or SA2005 helmet required. Roll bar padding
required in driver compartment (Fire retardant recommended). SFI-approved
full fire suit required. Fire retardant neck brace, gloves and shoes required.
Recommended: Fire retardant head sock and underwear; head and neck
restraints. Driver-side window net required.  Minimum 16"x 20" ribbon or mesh
style, and must be mounted so latch is at top front of window. Minimum
three-inch wide five point safety belt assembly required (Y-type shoulder harness
not allowed), must be mounted securely to roll cage, and recommended to be
no more than one year old. Kill switch required within easy reach of driver
and must be clearly marked 'OFF' and 'ON'.