Protests, Points and Pay         

Pay off will be made as soon as possible after the race event and no later than 30 minutes after the final race of the day.  Purse will be released to the driver only unless specifically requested on the entry form.  Those wishing to have the purse mailed to them should indicate so and give a complete address.  Must show pay card to receive pay.

Track may check anything on car at any time at no expense to the track or management.

Protest must be made immediately after race by stopping at Tech area and giving to Tech personel protest money and written protest request stating car protested & item (s) protested.  I.e. I protest car #___ for visual protest of ________ signed________.  You must finish the race to protest.

If any car is found illegal of a minor rule infraction (such as failure to meet weight rule), all points and money from that night are forfeited.  Major violations, (such as illegal motor), will result in loss of purse, points for that night plus a $500 fine.  Refusal of a protest is the same as being found illegal.  A $500.00 fine for any car illegal and proof of rule compliance is required before racing again.

ANY car found illegal during the heat race may change the illegal part, and after track inspection for clearance, race from the scratch position if qualified.

Protest fees are as follows:



For intake and choice of 1 head



For carburetor



For visual



For headers



For intake, choice of 1 head, remove oil pan and remove I piston and rod.


While the track will check cars for various rule violations each night, you have the right to protest any car you think is illegal.  If you think someone is illegal, put your money up and find out.  If you will not protest someone, you do not have the right to complain and say someone is illegal.  The protest is your way to catch something the track officials miss.  Protest fee must be in cash and by a driver form the same class as the car protested.  Solicitation for contributions for protest fee is prohibited. 

Only the driver protesting, representative of his choice, driver protest, owner of car protested, track officials, and tech committee allowed at the protest.  Fee awarded to correct party.

Pay and point records must be retained in order to question pay or point standings.

No admittance to press scoring box under any circumstances.  Violations can result in being barred from the track.

*IMCA sanctioned classes use IMCA procedures.*

All protests shall be in writing and must be filed with the tech personel immediately after the feature race is completed. Such protests must be specific in charges and alleged violations so that determination can be made whether they are allowable or rejected. No protest of any type will be allowed after prize money has been paid.

Protests which involve alteration of scorer's results, engine tear downs, etc., will be handled at the track level and must be accompanied with an appropriate cash protest deposit. If the protest is not sustained by track officials, the protest deposit will be forfeited and the money given to the person protested.   If the protest is allowed the money will be refunded to the protester. 

Any situation not covered by these rules shall be referred to the Abilene Speedway Executive Committee for decision. These protests must be in written form and accompanied by a $100 protest deposit. If protest is allowed, deposit will be refunded. If protest is not allowed, deposit will be forfeited.

All costs and expenses incurred during a protest shall be assessed against the party against whom the decision is rendered.

Any driver who is under temporary suspension may not participate in any Abilene Speedway event while under such suspension. No car under temporary suspension may compete while such suspension is in force.

Automatic penalties as follows:

(a)  Rowdyism, fighting or demonstrating; 1st violation, minimum $100 fine. Second - 1 year suspension.   (b) Foul driving; First violation - disqualification from day's racing and forfeiture of prize money, points, and/or suspension.  Second violation - fine and/or suspension.   (c)  Repeated violations of Abilene Speedway rules. Permanent suspension.   (d)  Assault of an Abilene Speedway track official, track owner-promoter. First violation - fine of no less than $1,000 and/or suspension of driver of no less than 21 days.

IMCA classes may receive additional penalties from IMCA.


The number of cars starting a race shall be determined by the track officials and shall be determined by the type of the event and condition of the track.

Each registered car will carry an identification number as assigned by track personnel. It shall be sufficient in size so as to be readily identified by officials and spectators. It shall be positioned on both sides, the top and the back of the automobile, also the front. The number must be of a contrasting color to the general paint scheme of the car so that it is readable under all conditions of light and speed.

The track owner-promoter and the officials will not be responsible for allowing a late entry to compete.

Any driver not ready to compete when called will be sent to the rear of the starting line-up.

Once a race is started on a preliminary line-up lap, relines will be single file

A race may be stopped at the discretion of starters or other officials at any time they consider it dangerous to continue, but only an official has the right to stop a race and no driver, car owner, pit man or mechanic may use the starter's flags for the purpose of signaling the competitors.

No race is official until the officials make the declaration of final scoring of positions in all events.

No car is to receive assistance after the white flag is displayed and all finishes must be made under the car's own power or momentum.

A dead heat may or may not be re-run at the discretion of the referee. If the dead heat is not re-run the prize money and points for both positions under contention shall be divided equally by participants.

No person shall be allowed on the track during a race except the starter and race officials.


All Classes - Weekly "A" Feature win is 40 points, with each subsequent position worth one point less. This makes the 24th spot in the feature worth 17 points. Should any track start more than 24 cars in the feature, all positions from 24th on back receive 17 points. When a track runs a "B" feature(s), the first non-transferring driver receives 16 points and each subsequent position, back to sixth spot, receives one less point per position. Sixth and each position on back in the "B" feature(s) receives 11 points. This applies to all "B" features if more than one are run per night. Any driver not qualifying for an "A" or "B" feature receives five show-up points.

Should a driver qualify for a "B" feature or the "A" feature, and not be able to make the field due to mechanical or other difficulties, driver will be scored in last position of the race qualified for, and receive points accordingly. (It is up to the track whether his vacated position will be filled in the feature by the next qualified driver.)

If there are less than ten entries, for each car less, one point fewer than normal is awarded for feature finish ( i.e.; nine cars, 39 points for win; eight cars, 38 points, etc.).


First night, all drivers draw for heats. Qualifiers redraw for starting positions. One heat - 5 redraw; two or five heats - 10 redraw; three, four or six heats - 12 redraw.

From second night on, heat races are lined up by season point average, stagger inverted, lowest point average to front, highest point average to rear. New drivers carrying no point average start on the tail. Point averages are figured from I.M.C.A. point system. Average is figured by driver's track point total divided by the number of times he/she has competed at track.

"B" mains are lined up straight up from the heats with the highest finishing non-qualifiers to the front.

When one heat race is run, top five qualifiers will be inverted for feature lineup according to season point average. When two or five heat races are run, the top 10 qualifiers will be inverted for feature lineup according to season point average. When three, four or six heats are run, the top 12 qualifiers will be inverted for feature according to season point average. Remainder of "A" feature is lined up straight up from heats and/or "B" features.

A driver that qualifies but does not have a point average shall be lined up in the last invert position.

If a driver is absent for two consecutive events (excluding rain-outs), upon his/her return shall be treated as a new car (rule #5) for the first week he/she returns.

There are no double feature nights allowed, excluding rain-out make-up features. A program is not considered a rain-out unless qualifying races have been completed.

For each car less than 10 entries for that event, one point fewer than normal shall be awarded for feature finish. (Example - nine cars, 39 points to win; eight cars, 38 points to win, etc.)

Track option to line up mid-season and season championships straight up by total points.