Pure Stock / Cruisers

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Any unaltered front engine car or station wagon is eligible.

No Camaros, Firebirds or sports cars.

A driver protection bar, located left of the driver and connected to the roll bar behind the driver is mandatory.  At no time may it bisect, dissect, or pass through any firewall.  No forward or backward bar may protrude from the main roll cage.  All cars with passengers must have protection bar for passenger.  All passengers must ride in front seat.  PASSENGERS HAND HOLD REQUIRED.  I.E. 2nd STEERING WHEEL OR BAR FOR PASSENGERíS HANDS.

A minimum four-point roll bar is required, not to reinforce the body or frame, or alter the geometry of the car.  Roll bar may only serve to hold the car off the driver and passenger when overturned.  3 windshield bars are required in front of driver and 3 windshield bars required in front of passenger. 

No bracing anywhere of any kind except on roll bar.

All doors must be welded, chained, or bolted shut.

All glass and chrome, except bumpers, must be removed.  Windshield must be removed.

Seat with seatbelt and shoulder harness is required.

Rear bottom seat cushion must be removed.  A solid rear fire stop is mandatory.


The stock steel unaltered floor pan, firewalls, trunk and trunk floor and wheel walls must be retained.  No sectioning, channeling, or chopping allowed.

Cars must be STRICTLY STOCK.  No cutting, channeling, or shortening allowed.  Hood must be kept in place at all times.  Body sheet metal must be kept in place at all times.

No electric cooling fans allowed on engine unless they came from the factory on that make and model.

Stock bumpers must be reinforced so they will not fall off if impacted.  Two braces may be used between the bumper and the frame in addition to stock bumper mounts or chain bumpers to frame.


Absolutely no modifying of the suspension is allowed.  Suspension parts must remain absolutely stock for that make and model of car.  No spacers, lumber, or chains, etc. can be used to alter the suspension of the car.


Tires must be stock passenger tires only.  No truck tires or fancy exotic gumball tires of any kind are allowed.  No shaving or grooving tires.

Maximum 7Ē wheels with 78, 75 or 70 series tires.  Any steel 7Ē wheel allowed.  Tires must be the same size on all four corners.

Wheels may be reinforced to prevent their loss during the race.  Plating, washer or double nuts allowed.


The engine must be STRICKTLY STOCK FOR THAT MODEL AND MAKE and in its original position.


No dual line double pumpers.  One two barrel or four barrel only.  NO HOLLY CARBURETOR ON GM.

FUEL INJECTION allowed on cars that came stock for that make and model.


Stock transmission only.  After market coolers allowed.  Rear ends may NOT be locked.  Single track only.


No hand clutches.

  Batteries MUST be securely mounted anywhere under the hood or inside car.  If inside car, must be covered or placed in marine type enclosure.

  Gas tanks must be original, and strapped to chassis, or may be a replacement tank located in the trunk compartment with a firewall between driver and tank.  Firewalls must be constructed so that in case of a fire, flames cannot enter driverís compartment around, under or over firewall.  Tank must be securely mounted.

Any loss of a wheel or tire requires leaving the racecourse immediately.  We will not allow track damage.

Rupture of a gas tank and / or loss of gas require immediate black flag.

If the bumper is falling off the car you will be black-flagged.

Approved helmet is required.

May use 1/4Ē steel plate on doors for driverís protection and passengerís protection. 

Mufflers and tail pipes may be removed.  Header pipes must be retained.

Numbers must be clearly visible on both sides of car and on roof.  View of numbers must not be obstructed by any writing.

Any rules pertaining to the driver also pertain to the passenger.

Starting positions may be determined by drawing or point average.

Car number must be clear and readable.

Track has the option to purchase any car that wins 3 or more features for $500.  Refusal to sell will result in disqualification from class.

Drivers driving for points in any class will not be allowed to drive Pure Stocks/Cruiser, but may ride as a passenger.  This is intended for a beginner starting class.

                           IF THE RULES DONíT SAY YOU CAN, ASK BEFORE YOU DO!